Review of The Captain’s Promise by Susanne Matthews

Good morning on another rainy February day! I don’t know about you guys, but I love a rainy day when I can curl up in front of a hot fire with a good book in my hand. Since I live in an apartment, the fire is only a distant dream, but I do have a good book in my hand. It’s the second time I read Susanne Matthews‘s The Captain’s Promise, a beautiful historical romance that makes waves among Susanne’s fans and keeps bringing her new readers.

About The Captain’s Promise:CP- Front Cover

Etienne Blouin left Danielle de Cherbourg in tears, promising to return; he didn’t. Ten years later, Etienne learns she’s been widowed and left almost penniless. Now a wealthy ship’s captain, he offers to help her, but the only reply he gets is from her aunt telling him to leave Danielle alone. Convinced she’s in trouble, he determines to rescue her whether she likes it or not, even if it means losing her love. Danielle is shocked to learn that her companion is going to the colonies, while she is to marry a cruel and powerful man as repayment of her husband’s gambling debts. Despondent, she sees no way out of the horrendous situation. When her carriage is waylaid and she’s kidnapped, she fears the worse. Etienne has enemies who don’t want La Belle Rose to make port. Can he outfox them to save his ship and the woman he loves?

My review:

S. Matthews’ first attempt at historical romance is a wonderful treat for all romance lovers. The story of Etienne and Danielle starts in seventeenth century France, with well-researched historical and political settings that artfully propel the reader into that era. The plot and all the additional adventures of the hero and heroine remind me of Balzac’s masterful writing, combined with some steamy but tasteful eroticism. The action is well-paced, with twists that keep the reader glued to the story, living each moment of passion, frustration, panic or desperate love. Every detail, every name is chosen carefully by the author to fit like puzzle pieces, giving us a glimpse of that long lost time, dominated by drama and intrigue, when a promise valued more than a man’s honor.
As all S. Matthews’ work, The Captain’s Promise is definitely a page-turner and similar to watching a great historical movie!

stars1You can buy the book HERE


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