Valentine’s Day sweet treat

Stock photo of a pair of lovers - 2 (94) Happy Friday everyone! One more week to go until Valentine’s Day and it’s still winter around here. I actually have no special plans for the day, except spend it with my hubby and of course, with a good book. I’m an audio book addict and I’m always hooked to my Mp3 player, listening on whatever I’ve got on. Right now I’m laughing my butt off with Janet Evanovich’s Smokin’ Seventeen. I love this lady’s writing!

Not many people know this, but she had a very important role in boosting my writing career. After I finished my first novel, Rendezvous with Hymera, I wrote to Janet Evanovich and asked her what I should do next. Imagine my surprise when she actually replied to me after only a few hours! She was incredibly nice and helpful, and even though I didn’t follow her advice to get an agent at that time, here I am today, living my dream as an international published author.

Speaking of which, a month or so ago I’ve decided to take advantage of the magic of the holidays and try my hand at writing my first short story, Be My Valentine.

This is the blurb of Be My Valentine: Be My Valentine

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Tanya Andrews is single, carless and soon-to-be jobless. But things take an unexpected turn when she meets the sexy, charming and mysterious Adam. After a magic evening spent together, the gorgeous green-eyed stranger is all she can think of. He seems to be the man of her dreams, until the next day, when she has a shocking revelation regarding his identity.

Can two people fall in love after only a few hours spent together? And how safe is it to abandon themselves into a relationship, and to ignore the risks of having their hearts broken when they barely know one another?



He took her hand as he spoke, warming it between his palms.

“I thought you didn’t tell me who you were just so you could sleep with me,” she whispered, then was mortified when she realized she’d talked out loud.

Adam’s gaze was still locked with hers when he asked, “Then why do you think I stopped only with a kiss?”

“I don’t know. Why did you?”

His eyes burned into hers.

“Because last night on that dark, foggy street, under the dancing snowflakes, I fell in love for the first time, Tanya. Madly, irrevocably and deeply in love with you.”

She couldn’t believe her ears. Emotion pressed over her chest, making it difficult for her to breathe. It seemed impossible that this handsome, sexy, successful man could share her feelings, less than twenty-four hours after they had met. She shook her head incredulously, her lips parted in dismay.

“But… You don’t even know me, Adam. How can you say you’re in love with me?”

He watched her seriously for a moment.

“Are you in love with me, Tanya?”

Moments ticked by, leaving only the sound of their breathing to fill the tense silence. She couldn’t lie to him. Slowly, she nodded, still lost in the depths of his eyes.


“You were in love with me before you knew my last name?”


“Then how can you doubt my feelings? I may not know the name of your great-grandmother yet, but I do know you,” he said, taking her hand to his chest, covering it with his own. “I know that you’re extremely beautiful and incredibly smart. I know what books and movies you like. I know that you rarely put sugar in your cappuccino, and that your hands are always cold. I know you’re sweet, tender, loving, and the man who will win your heart will be the luckiest bastard on earth. I know you,” he repeated. “And you know me.”

Moved to tears, she bit her lower lip, pressing her fingers over his heart.

“I know you,” she agreed almost in a whisper.

He drew her close to him, lowering his mouth to hers. She abandoned herself to him, pouring herself into the kiss. Their lips and tongues sipped, explored, demanded, gave, all in a frantic embrace that left them both breathless when they finally paused for air.

“I can’t believe I finally found you.”

Her voice was husky as she gazed at him, curled up against his chest. “It still seems impossible you feel the same toward me. I keep fearing this is just a dream, just like the other one I had this morn—”

She stopped abruptly, heat rushing up to color her cheeks. Adam lifted her chin with his index finger.

“Go on,” he prompted in a low, sexy voice. “Just like the dream you had this morning? What dream?”

She shook her head, burying her face in his shirt.


“Tell me.”

“No. You’ll think…the worst of me.”

“Don’t be silly. I could never think anything bad about you. Tell me.”

His voice was gentle but firm.

She began speaking, her hesitant voice muffled by the fabric of his suit jacket.

“I…dreamed about you. About us…together.”

“What did you dream?” he asked, pulling her closer to his body.

She lifted her eyes to his, her heart racing.

“That we were…” She swallowed hard. “That we were making love.”

She saw his Adam’s apple move as well and felt his quick intake of breath. His eyes were turning opaque when he said in a deep, husky voice, “Why don’t we make that mutual dream reality?”


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