A Touch of Poetry for Valentine’s Day

Oddly, I don’t read much poetry, but back in high schooI I had an inclination for writing it. I guess even back then, I knew in my heart that words were going to be my biggest passion, though it took another few years for my brain to catch up. In December 2013 I dug up all of my poems, some of them written as a teenager, some of them written in my adult life, and compiled them into a slim volume of twenty-one poems. It’s the present I gave my husband last year for Valentine’s Day, and I hope this will give all of my friends and readers an idea of a thoughtful, romantic present for your lover or spouse.

Here is one of my favorite poems:


You used to be a sacred angel,

My soul was your beloved temple,

My body used to be your gate

To happiness’s sweet abyss.

And later you became a demon,

A foreign, mediocre god

Who claimed as granted sacrifices

My tears, illusions and my pain.

Now you are just a memory,

An abstract nightmare that won’t last.

Now I have turned into a GODDESS.

The temple’s ruined, burning fast.

Now you are simply just my past.

~A Touch of Poetry~

Available on Amazon and everywhere E-books are sold.

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