Seduce her, even if she’s already yours

Why do so many marriages fail in our days? I believe cheating and lack of communication are the most commonly invoked reasons. But does anybody wonder why it comes to this so often?

I think a marriage is one of the hardest things to maintain. It’s a relationship that needs to be cultivated with patience and nourished with love. It requires care and attention, so it can develop like a well-tended plant.

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Too many couples lack the patience and understanding it takes to form such a bond. Marriage isn’t something that two people make perfect from the moment you say ‘I do’. It can take years for the partners to find their balance and dynamics, to accept one another, to help each other correct their flaws and enhance their virtues.

But what most marriages lack is romance. We are so busy with our lives, with our careers, with keeping up the pace in this fast-moving society that we forget to cherish the person at our side. No man should let a month pass without bringing his wife a small present, even if it’s just a rose, a box of chocolates or a bottle of cheap wine. No woman should let a month pass without surprising her husband with a new negligee, a candlelight dinner or a movie and popcorn date that ends on the floor, naked.

Seduction should be part of the couples’ dynamics, just as housework is. Sex isn’t everything that counts in a marriage, but it’s certainly one of the most important aspects. Without a fulfilling relationship in bed, inevitably the partners will grow apart sooner or later, their interest will shift to other people. And to think that only a little attention could save your marriage from falling into routine and boredom…

A romantic, thoughtful gesture now and again is the best way to show your spouse that you care. Hold hands, take walks in the park, dance together, make love passionately, and your entire life will change. Soon you’ll realize you’re happier, you’ll smile more often and, chemistry aside, joy and good sex are the key-factors to a great health. Remember this mantra, and just love each other! ❤ ❤ ❤

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