Look Who Dropped By Today: Melinda De Ross

Many thanks to my friend and fellow author Susanne Matthews for this blog post and a wonderful introduction! ❤

susanne matthews

booksWell, it’s November. The ghosts and ghoulies of Halloween are gone, but in her latest book, The Plot, Melinda De Ross exposes real monsters: the men involved in one of the most despicable practices today, sex trafficking.

My Review: Five Stars!

I’ve been fortunate enough to read all of Melinda’s books, some even before they were published, and The Plot is by far her best book yet. As a foreign author, I’m astounded by Melinda’s ability to write  in English, her second language, as well as she does. Mechanically, her book is excellent. Errors are minor and do not in any way detract from the storyline.

Speaking of the storyline, Melinda has crafted a novel that sucks you in from the first paragraph.  The Plot examines how being forced into the life of a sex slave by men who use coercion and lies to lure innocent girls away from their homes and families changes, damages, and…

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