Mindless eating? Hell, no! FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

The idea for this post came to me just minutes ago, when I was working on my new book. Well, actually I realized I was eating, writing a sentence, then eating some more. That’s when it occurred to me that, in my case at least, creativity is directly connected with food.


Believe it or not, I am a sweetaholic and I simply cannot live without sugar. Nor fat and salt, for that matter. I actually have a permanent stash of snack treasures on my desk (and on my nightstand, and in the kitchen, and okay, in the pantry too). My favorite treats of all are Oreo biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, glazed peanuts… Pretty much everything that tastes good and crunches.

So why is it that most of us have an acute need to eat while we work? Whether it’s writing, making calculus, writing reports or studying microorganisms, food is the fuel of creativity.


And I even came up with a scientific explanation of sorts. It’s been proven that intellectual effort can be even more demanding than physical strain. Therefore, it is in our nature to need food while we concentrate on something.

Now, I know I’m supposed to advise people to eat healthy, fear carbohydrates and sugar more than they do the Devil, and so on. The thing is I am all for healthy living too, but I’m fortunate enough to have a good metabolism and to be able to eat anything I want (I know this is the point when most women start cursing me, and it’s okay, I used to do that to women with perfect breasts).

Anyway, personally I try to eat a little bit of everything and have a balanced diet. Most of the time. Both my husband and I have tiny problems with cholesterol, so I try to cook healthy at least three-four times a week. We eat just about anything, but avoid fats, too many eggs and fried food. Other than that, we are both food fanatics living on snacks and Pepsi.

Kung Fu Panda

So, now that we’ve uncovered the mystery of the so-called mindless eating, I hope you are relieved to know that it’s your brains demanding food while you work, not your stomachs. And even when you’re not working, you’re thinking of working, so you still need food, right? Just don’t blame me if you end up getting fat, okay? 😀

Have a great week everyone! ❤

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