Saturday night fun

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for quite a long time, but it’s been a busy summer. Between a fabulous Transylvanian vacation, releasing a new book and writing another, my days have pretty much raced past me. Today however I stumbled over a fun challenge on Facebook, and decided to take it. It’s called Let’s see if you aren’t ashamed of your past…
So, here goes:

💪Tattoos? – Not yet…

👂Piercings? – 5 and a half. Don’t ask.

💍Engagements? – One that led to my wonderful marriage.

👫 Children? – Not yet.

🚗 Speeding ticket? – It’s in my future, I’m sure. :/

🚓 Been arrested? – No, why should I? Did you hear something? 😀

🚓 Been in prison/jail cell? – Nope.

👊 Been in a fist fight? – Um… Once, but I didn’t start it. :p

🔫 Shot a gun? – All the time!

🍻 Ever been drunk? – Not exactly…

🏥 Ever broken a bone? – No. God takes care of fools and all that…

💥🚙 Ever crashed a car? Same as above.

If you had as much fun as I did reminiscing over crazy days of misspent youth, I challenge you all to keep this going. Happy Saturday! 😉

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