2017 A to Z Challenge Blog: S is for Scout, Sworn to Protect, and Stone’s Throw

susanne matthews

2017 BadgeHappy Saturday, also an S word! Welcome to the nineteenth letter of the alphabet and one of my particular favorites. The snaky letter S is sleek and is one of the first letters I learned to print, since it starts my name, Susanne.  See how many times it began words already? There are other favorites to include like SundaySolsticesunshine, sistersincerity, secretsuspense, and selection, but I’ve chosen three this morning on which I plan to focus: Scout, as in a Kindle Scout Campaign, Sworn to Protect, as in my latest romance suspense novel in said campaign, and  A Stone’s Throw, the first book in tShe Cobble Cove Mystery Series written by another perhaps new to you author, Debbie De Louise.
Today, I have all kinds of goodies for you under this letter.  So…

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