No tricks, just a big treat! – part 2

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you’re all having/had/getting ready for an awesome Halloween party, with your favorite gang of ghouls, vampires, and monsters.

The PlotversaryTo me, today is even more special because I’m celebrating two years since I released what I’ve been told is my best novel so far – THE PLOT, which is at 99 cents for two days, to celebrate its anniversary.

As an author, I’ve been asked often which of my books is my favorite, and my usual reply is that I love all of them, because I pour my heart and soul into them, and each one has a piece of me in it. But while I love them all like a mother loves all of her children, sometimes one can’t help having a favorite. 🙂

THE PLOT is the story of a Japanese girl who falls victim to a Chinese triad and its human trafficking network. The book shows Yoko’s journey from abuse, escape, revenge and finally, healing by falling in love. It’s a deeply emotional story, and I confess it was difficult to write at times, because I get very involved with each of my characters, and even though it has a happy ending, this young woman starts by being horribly traumatized. I think of The Plot as a literary version of  movies like Leaving Las Vegas, Pretty Woman, Memoirs of a Geisha.

As I was writing this book, I couldn’t help fall in love with Mark Chandler, the extremely attractive hero, who is a rather charming professional thief by night and art dealer by day. I think the most special thing about the story is the way Mark finds enough tenderness and patience within himself not only to accept Yoko’s past, but also to help her heal from her traumas.

In the hope you will be as drawn as I am to read this novel, I have lowered the price to 99 cents for two days. Also, if you do read it, PLEASE leave a review, because I always love to hear your thoughts. I’ll leave you with THE PLOT’s blurb, the buy links, and the repeated “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” ❤

plot teaser


At eighteen, Yoko Hirano falls into the tentacles of a human trafficking organization and is forced into prostitution. Her first sexual experience is close to a rape, so she becomes traumatized and her opinions about men are low and unflattering. She uses her charms only as means of manipulation.
Four years later she meets the tall, dark and charming antique dealer Mark Chandler. They both acknowledge reluctantly the complicated chemistry between them, but Yoko’s grand scheme of things doesn’t involve falling in love, nor does she think Mark would want her if he found out about her past. To get revenge and prevent other girls from sharing her fate, she plans to ruin the Chinese triad that has destroyed her life and innocence.
However, she doesn’t realize that Mark can be an asset in her plans of bringing down the powerful mobster Michael Chen and his interlopers. Together, they make a quite formidable pair…

Available as eBook and paperback everywhere books are sold online, including AmazoniTunesBarnes&NobleKoboGoogle PlaySmashwords


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