And So It Begins: Wedding Bell Blues Kindle Scout Campaign

susanne matthews

WBB final cover

As the idiom goes, third time’s the charm, and I’m hoping that proves to be true as I make another attempt to win an Amazon publishing contract. This time, I’m trying something a little different from my usual suspense/romance books. Wedding Bell Blues has it all–romance, humor, magic, mystery, mermaids, cursed Inca treasure, and last but not least, an unexpected wedding.

Here’s the blurb:

MJ’s having a bad year. She’s canceled her wedding, but refuses to give up the honeymoon. When she arrives on Paradise Island, she discovers her ex has changed the reservation. Stranded, she has to rely on her first love, a man who sees her as his kid sister, for help. When Paul discovers the man behind her plight is the bully who made his own teen years hell, he gets MJ to agreed to pretend to be his fiancee. Add in mermaids, treasure hunters, and Quimbois…

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