Guest post, giveaway&review: Wicked Fantasies by Siren Allen

Happy Sunday, everyone! I know that’s how I started my last post as well, and only afterward did I realize it was Saturday! 😀 That’s because authors never really have days off, so to us a weekend means more time to write. And speaking of great prolific writers, today I finished reading Wicked Fantasies, the newest release by one of my favorite paranormal romance authors, Siren Allen. Wicked Fantasies is the third book in the Christmas Fantasies series, and you’ll find out why I loved this book so much in the review I posted below.

But first, here’s what the book is about:


One look was all it took.

Their eyes met and at that moment, she knew she’d have to kill him.
He’s Jackson Nolan, a playboy demon. She’s Tinsley Dubois, a demon-killing witch. Killing him should be easy. Problem is, there’s a chance he might be her mate. And every time he stares at her, she has an insane urge to show him that she can be just as wicked as he is.
Unfortunately, she doesn’t have time for that. The world is falling apart around her. To save it, she has to do what she was created to do: kill Jackson and his brothers. But, when allies become enemies, Tinsley realizes that Jackson may be the only one she can depend on.

He’s never wanted a mate.
And though he’s found his, his feelings hadn’t changed. He doesn’t want Tinsley as his life partner. But, he’d gladly accept her as his mistress. Underneath him, she won’t be able to kill him and his brothers like she’s prophesied to do. Underneath him, she won’t be able to lead her squad of dark angels to his doorstep.
Underneath him, she won’t be able to utter curses that could destroy him and his inner beast. However, when he finds her all alone, bruised and battered, having her under him is the last thing on his mind. He wants to protect her, avenge her. He wants to destroy those who seek to hurt his witch. Even if it means destroying those he once called friends.

Finding a mate hadn’t been his plan. Now that he’s found her, he’s not letting her go.
Problem is, how does he convince a demon-killing witch, that he’s a demon worth loving?


How the hell could she not like him? He was awesome. Women always liked him. They found him irresistible. He didn’t even have to use his incubus charm to get laid.

Females were willing to drop their panties after one smile from him. Not Tinsley though. Ashely told him that his witch had a hard time trusting others. Which was why he had to keep his word. He had to leave her alone for twenty-four hours.

Listen, his demon growled.

“What’s wrong?”

Just listen.

Jackson listened for signs of danger. There was no sound of angels’ wings. And then he heard it. Not the sound of danger. He teleported back into the cabin. His witch was curled up on top of the covers, wearing the pajamas he’d stuffed into the backpack for her.

She was sleeping. Finally. Her light snores made him smile. He crept over to the bed and lifted her up, careful not to wake her. He moved the backpack and items she’d taken out of it to the side so he could pull back the covers. Without waking her, he tucked her in.

Beautiful, his demon whispered.


She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. The moment he laid eyes on her, he’d known he had to have her. Her image imprinted on his mind and it wouldn’t leave, no matter how hard he tried to shove it out.

It had only taken one look and he was lost. One bite had ruined the taste of all other blood for him. He no longer felt like himself. He felt anxious whenever she wasn’t in his line of vision. If something happened to her…

Nothing will happen to her, his beast growled. Ever.

Jackson nodded. If something happened to her, his sister in laws would be upset. He didn’t want them upset. He had to keep Tinsley safe. She murmured something in her sleep then turned over. She needed her rest. So, did he.

We can’t leave her here by herself.

He wasn’t going to do that. He could take a nap on the back porch, on that rickety chair. Yet, he didn’t want to be that far away from his witch. He kicked off his shoes, then walked over to the couch and laid down.

He closed his eyes and listened to Tinsley. He listened to her heartbeat. He listened to her breathing, lining his own up with hers. It took sleep a long time to finally claim him. And when it did, he dreamt of her. In his dreams, she was just as wicked as he was.

Even more so.


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And finally, my review of Wicked Fantasies, which I rate 5 stars!


As an avid Siren Allen fan, I’ve read all the Christmas Fantasy Books and I was anxiously waiting for the next one. Wicked Fantasies did not disappoint! Who can resist the complicated and steamy love story between a demon, and a witch who hunts demons? A moral dilemma, especially when Jackson and Tinsley discover the chemistry between them is more than attraction; it’s a bond that is meant to be. In times when friends become enemies, and enemies discover love together, all they knew to be right changes.

I love the way the author makes me feel and see the things she sees, as her writing flows smoothly to weave a great story. I totally found myself in Tinsley, who is driven and determined to stick to her mission, even if that means ignoring the powerful feelings this particular demon stirs inside her. As for Jackson, I never thought I would like a cocky demon who thinks he can have any woman he wants, until he meets Tinsley. The fact that he’s sexy and dangerous is enough to make him irresistible, but when the protective, tender side of him surfaces, he truly is every woman’s dream!

I recommend this book and this author to anyone who likes an intense, magical romance! ❤



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