Need an original, outstanding cover designer? Call Melinda De Ross

Living the Dream

Jpeg Melinda

Good morning! It’s definitely cold and wintry here this morning, but it can’t last. Spring is only 4 days away!

This morning, I would like to pay tribute to Melinda De Ross, and if you haven’t seen here here before, I would like to introduce you to this incredible cover artist, one who has created several covers for me over the years.

With Simon & Schuster’s recent decision to shut down the Crimson Romance imprint, many authors may be considering indie publishing books orphaned in the move. There are many steps and stages to Indie publishing, but one of the most important is finding the right cover. So, let me introduce you to mine.

WBB final coverIn my opinion, I believe an eye-catching cover is the first step to  attracting potential readers.  My most recent release, Wedding Bell Blues features on of De Ross’s covers. She worked with me to create…

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