Let’s give thanks and gifts today! 🎁

Hi everyone!
To those of you who are in the US, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope y’all make the best of today. I think it’s wonderful to have a holiday for celebrating what we are thankful for, and I’ve thought a lot about where my gratitude lies.
2020 has been a rough one, but thinking back I am thankful for all the extra time I got to spend with my hubby, for everything that I’ve learned this year, the things I never thought I would do and achieve, the things I realized I can do without, and most of all, the fact that I managed to stay healthy. Life has changed, but I have to see the humor in things like learning to cut my hair and my hubby’s hair, or teaching him to give me a Brazilian waxing (I hope this isn’t too much info for you!) 😂😂😂
Most of us made it, and today is National Day of Mourning those who didn’t. Remember to be grateful that YOU did.
It’s also National Cake Day, so make sure you’re true patriots and eat a slice of cake in the spirit of this holiday! I know I am. 😀

Today and tomorrow I priced my romantic comedy, Celebrity, at 99 cents, and I hope you’ll get your copy because I can’t think of anything better for the soul right now than a playful, light-hearted comedy to warm up our days.
On that note, I have several feel-good reads for you today, so check them out.
These books are on sale:

And you can get these for free:

If you haven’t already, you can request any of my e-books and audiobooks for free, in exchange for honest reviews. All I ask is that you be kind in your reviews. All authors pour their hearts, tears, sweat and sleepless nights into their books, even though we can’t all write masterpieces only. 😊

What are you doing today and what are you thankful for? Did you do or learn things you never thought you’d need to this year? Tell me in the comments! I love to hear every single bit of positivity that’s out there, and I think we all need more laughter and sharing our victories. ❤️


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