*publication date: September 8th 2015Be My Valentine

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Tanya Andrews is single, carless and soon-to-be jobless. But things take an unexpected turn when she meets the sexy, charming and mysterious Adam. After a magic evening spent together, the gorgeous green-eyed stranger is all she can think of. He seems to be the man of her dreams, until the next day, when she has a shocking revelation regarding his identity.
Can two people fall in love after only a few hours spent together? And how safe is it to abandon themselves into a relationship, and to ignore the risks of having their hearts broken when they barely know one another?


“This was an amazing story I definitely would watch as a movie.” ~ Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics (review by Ashley)

“Melinda De Ross’ Be My Valentine is a wonderful, sweet, fairy-tale romance that isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. ” ~ Read Your Writes Book Reviews

“My oh my! This treat was sweeter than a box of heart shaped chocolates! Delicious tale of two people first meeting by chance and falling in love at first sight. Truly a fairy tale romance.” ~ Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics (review by Dee)

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