what a romance author reads, and why 

A while ago I was invited by the lovely team at Shepherd.com to create a list of 5 favorite book recommendations for readers who also love my books. Here is what I chose and why. 🙂 The best romance, chick-lit, and women’s fiction books I love women’s fiction, romantic comedies, and chick-lit because they are … Continue reading what a romance author reads, and why 

Looking for the summer… deals!

When I was kid, summer seemed to last forever. Not just because I was young and had a higher tolerance for low temperatures—and in the south of Romania, where I lived, winters are vicious. But summer seemed to start earlier and end much later than it does now. This year we started having real summer … Continue reading Looking for the summer… deals!

Apple Strudel and other news… 😊

Happy Apple Strudel Day! How do you feel about pastries? I adore them, which makes it really hard for me, because I have decided to cut back on sugar and carbs. The pandemic brought me a few extra pounds and a lot more aches and pains than a year ago. While I’ve been putting everything … Continue reading Apple Strudel and other news… 😊