Are you in on this Top 5 favorite TV shows?

Hi guys!

Summer is here, holidays are the lights at the end of the work tunnel, and some of us might actually have some free time for relaxation soon. 😍

As most people, I enjoy a good TV show, but since my hubby and I have SUCH different tastes (he likes the typical guy thing: crime, drama, things blowing up, blood and gore all over, and I prefer rom-coms and chicklit), we have some trouble choosing stuff to watch. Nonetheless, we both enjoy family shows, and those are the winners in my Top 5 favorite TV shows. 

So, let’s start with

#5: TWO AND A HALF MEN – the CBS show that basically paid Charlie Sheen to play Charlie Harper (which is 100% Charlie Sheen), and get awards for this! Not your average family show, but it certainly teaches us a thing or three about family, and how disfunctional things can get. Sick at times, rarely serious, always lough-out-loud funny!

Two and a half men

#4: SIREN – a new show from Freeform that–well–shows promise, not because of the newbie actors who are sometimes quite bad at it, but because the storyline is super original. At least, it’s nothing I’ve seen/read about before. I can’t decide if this show is horror, fantasy, or just an unlikely romance between man and mermaid, but so far I am hooked by the gorgeous settings and eerie atmosphere. The downside is that the first season, which just ended, had only 10 episodes, and the next season is scheduled for 2019. 😦


 #3: OUTLANDER – the rising star of Starz, which is already 3 seasons down, with season 4 expected this November. I was in love with the books loooooong before they became TV material, but at first I wasn’t sold on the show. However, the exceptional actors and incredible settings bring to life beautifully the powerful love story of Jamie and Claire, as well as their adventures while they try to change history. Diana Gabaldon certainly did!


#2: THE MIDDLE – No wonder the first episode starts with Frankie dressed as Wonder Woman. Anyone who raises even one kid — not to mention three — is a hero! This is a perfect family show about your average imperfect family. For someone who doesn’t have kids yet, I wonder if I should take parenting lessons from this show… 🤔 Probably not, but it’s still fun and cozy.


And now drum rolls please…

#1: THE KING OF QUEENS –  another winner from CBS! When I first saw this show I told my husband “We have to sue somebody. These people stole our life story!”

You guessed, the resemblance between this show and our life is so uncanny I could swear we served as inspiration, except the show started airing in 1998, and hubby and I got married in 2006. Still, I can’t believe there are three people in this world to resemble us so much, from funny, good-natured Doug, to loud-mouth, pushy Carrie, and… Arthur.😑 The only difference is that he isn’t living in our basement. Other than that, the similarities are downright spooky. Hubby gets an eye twitch whenever we watch it. 😀 Whether or not you have an Arthur too, this show is definitely one you have to watch at least once in your lifetime!


I hope you guys liked my Top 5 fav TV shows, and if you’d like to help me expand my list do let me know in your comments what shows you like and why. ❤



Musings of an Outlander

I very rarely write introspective posts, but somehow today I feel the need for it. I’m not sure what triggered this blue mood, but I think it was the latest teaser from Outlander, the Starz TV series written after Diana Gabaldon’s brilliant books.

OutlanderI’ll start by saying I ADORE these books, and they have been like a Writer’s Bible to me ever since I discovered them, years ago. When the TV series appeared, after agonizing months of anticipation, it was a bit of an anti-climax for me, as it was for so many other fans. I couldn’t quite see Caitriona Balfe as Claire, and Sam Heughan is definitely not Jamie to me.

Still, for the love I have for these books, which I’ve read dozens of times, I made compromises and I really wanted to like the series. It has beautiful parts, like the great landscapes, a wonderful soundtrack, and talented actors. But starting from episode #7, it was all sex. Explicit, plentiful, soft core porn sex. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to see this magnificent saga reduced to the only element that sells everything these days. And judging by the latest Outlander teaser, this is the basic element they want to promote. This story—this odyssey—is so much more than that, but of course, they are competing with Game of Thrones, so they have to show as much naked body parts and copulation as they can.

Is this all that matters in this world?shutterstock_3482142

Are we no more than pieces of meat and genital organs? Is this the example we want for our innocent children?

Humans have been having sex for half a million years or more, but it has never been such a public display. We are more primitive now than ever before. Haven’t people had enough of gritty porn—which is too elegantly called ‘erotica’ these days? All I see when I look at books and movie posters are naked hunks and six packs. Even the reputable publishers who I thought had principles and high standards have aligned themselves to this unbreakable fashion.

What happened to decency? What happened to originality? There’s nothing special anymore, and books of talented authors are sitting on Amazon buried under terabytes of junk, and of course, covers with decapitated muscled hunks. And this is supposed to be art? Isn’t it enough that we are plagued by wars, by illness, by cruelty, by death and all the evils unleashed upon us? We can’t even find consolation in art anymore, because art is dying too. All we have left is the legacy of the past: Agatha Christie, Edgar Alan Poe, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Scott Fitzgerald, and so many other titans, whose talents went galaxies away beyond cheap porn. They will soon be forgotten too, crushed by the likes of E.L. James and legions like her.

1That makes me desperately sad. And hollow inside, because I know that true art is lost forever. There’s no one to create and appreciate it anymore. I wouldn’t have imagined I’d live through such sad times, and before I’m even thirty years old. I shudder to think what the world will be like in another thirty years. I’m not even sure I want to find out.